Chinook Hops
Cascade Hops

The Cascade variety has been found to be and excellant grower in Western North Carolina.  Not only does grow well, but it also produces a hearty yield.  Cascade is widely used as an aroma hop, but can also double as a bittering hop.  Developed by the USDA-ARS in 1956, this hop was not released to the public until 1972.  This hop is described as citrusy and spicy, with floral notes.

AA% 4.5-7.0   BA% 4.5  7.0                      WNC -  AA% 8.0      BA% 5.28

Crystal hops are a lower alpha acid hop that we have found grows quite well in Western North Carolina.  While it doesn't produce the yield that the Cascade produce, it does make a good showing.  The Crystal hop was released from the USDA breeding program in 1993 and is mainly used in Pale Ales and IPAs as an aroma hop with mild spicy and floral notes.

AA% 3.5-5.5    BA%  4.5-6.7                  WNC  AA% N/A    BA% N/A

Nugget Hops
Crystal Hops

Our Hop Varieties


At H & K Farms Hop Yard, we grow four varieties of hops for commercial use,  Cascade, Chinook, Chrystal, and Nugget.  Below is some information on each of the four hop varieties.

Chinook hops are dual purpose hops that can be used for bittering and aroma.  Released by the USDA in 1985, this is a great hop for American -style Pale Ales, having distinct, medium intense spice and pine characteristics, with subtle notes of grapefruit.  Like the Cascade,  Chinook is a great grower in WNC and is a good producer of hop cones. 

AA% 12.0-14.0   BA% 3.0-4.0               WNC- AA% 8.7    BA% 2.49

The Nugget hop is another great grower and producer of hop cones in Western North Carolina.  It is broadly used as a bittering hop with a mild and pleasant aroma with spicy and herbal notes.  Nugget hops were released in 1983 from the USDA breeding program in Oregon.


AA% 12.0-14.5    BA% 4.0-6.0      WNC - AA% 10.50     BA%  4.17